"Continually evolving, we review market trends on a regular basis and pay particular attention to our clients’ requests by constantly renewing our car fleet in order to meet their needs and preferences."

Prestige VIP Services, as a pioneer and leader in the car rental market of Cyprus for over 25 years, offers to its clients, world class luxury and performance supercars as well as to classics and luxury city cars, 4X4/SUVs and vans. In addition, apart from the car rental services, we provide luxury yacht charters and private jet rentals as well as a wide range of exclusive services for individuals who demand to receive the best-in-class experiences. For instance, Exclusive chauffeur services, VIP Security, VIP Airport Fast Track, private shopping, accommodation arrangements and many more.

At Prestige VIP Services, we follow the principle of challenging ourselves to continually improve our services. If the existing market does not satisfy the needs of our customers, we generate an innovative business to meet and exceed their expectations.

Our concept is aimed at meeting the requirements of our sophisticated clientele who demands high quality services, professionalism, five star service and punctuality. 


At Prestige VIP Services you can find the latest luxury models and cars that you cannot rent anywhere else in Cyprus.

The reason is simple. Thanks to our well-established relations with all the leading car dealers, we are constantly among the first to receive their new models. Each and every single one of our cars is hand-picked by our first-class team and that explains the fact that our fleet is always composed of very special cars, most of which you won’t be able to rent elsewhere in Cyprus..

An extensive selection of the most distinct car brands:

Our world-class fleet consists of luxury, high-performance and classic cars, including Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo etc. all of which can be rented or provided with a professional chauffeur.

You always receive the exact car that you book:

Once confirmed, Prestige VIP Services delivers the particular car that you booked with the specific options that you required. For example, GPS, champagne, flowers and many more luxury add-ons.

"The Prestige Group divisions share the company’s overall mission which is that of high corporate standards and uncompromising values."

Prestige VIP Services, being a member of the Prestige Group, lives up to the Group’s exceptionally high standards. Guided by the solid set of core values of Uncompromising Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Integrity in all business practices, the Prestige Group has positioned itself as an essential resource for anyone seeking world-class services geared to a sophisticated clientele.

It has managed to expand its expertise worldwide in a range of different fields and create fruitful and long-term partnerships with affluent professionals and international partners. Consequently,
Prestige VIP Services under Prestige Group, has successfully established itself as a pioneer in the provision of luxury services in Cyprus with a loyal clientele.

Engaged in several business activities including high-luxury vehicle rentals, yacht and private jet charters, VIP event management services, security services, investments, upscale publications, real estate,
dining and sports ventures, Prestige Group continually strives to grow, always in compliance with its obligations and high level of professionalism.

The Group's divisions are comprised of Prestige VIP Services, Tokio Restaurant Bar,
Arto Estates, Prestige Investments, Prestige Publications, Prestige Fights and Prestige VIP Events & Services.

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Uncompromising Quality & Ultimate Responsibility

Prestige Group is a rapidly growing group of companies located in Cyprus and comprised of different business activities and services in the luxury market. From its very inception, the vision for the Prestige Group has been to become a leader in the corporate and luxury services market, by adhering to its corporate mission of uncompromising quality and integrity in all its business practices.

One of my greatest realisations is that the inspiration for our vision comes from our continual effort to plan ahead. This approach, supported by our commitment to quality, has been reflected in the rapid growth and diversification into an array in a range of different fields and continues to drive the Group’s marketing and strategic management. I am confident that with our skilled and motivated team coupled with our socially responsible company culture, we will continue to forge and build sound relationships with local and international partners.

On behalf of the Prestige Group, I thank all our associates and partners for their continuous support and confidence in us. We look forward to further networking with more like-minded, national and international alliances that will contribute towards the socio-economic, sustainable development of Cyprus.

Elias A. Spyrou

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